The Dog Training Club of Bermuda (DTC) is a Bermuda Registered Charity # 832. The DTC is governed by the Bermuda Kennel Club. The affairs of the Club are managed by the DTC Board of Governors, consisting of five officers and a maximum of seven directors who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting held in June each year. The 2015/2016 Board is as follows:

President: Cathy Gosling

Vice President:
Mara Zanfagna

Linda Neal

Recording Secretary:
Megan Deshields

Sharon Vesey

Donna Amaral, Ronnie Baptiste, Stephanie Comber, Eileen Thorne


What We Do

  • Hold 3-4 sets of public Life Skills Classes a year. The Life Skills class is geared at teaching people how to train their dog and be responsible dog owners. Each year we run at least one Canine Good Citizen test and encourage our students to participate.
  • Hold 2-3 series of public Agility classes a year. Agility‚Äôs popularity is growing at an exponential rate and is one of the most popular dog sports.
  • Hold Fall and Spring Bermuda Kennel Club licensed Obedience, Rally and Agility Trials with AKC or CKC judges. Both trials provide entertainment for visitors and locals as well as inspiration for people to do more with their dogs.
  • Provide an up-to-date bank of behaviour / training knowledge for the public. Several of our instructors regularly attend seminars overseas. Five of our instructors have their Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) designation.
  • Hold educational seminars for the general public on dog behaviour and training.
  • Run an afterschool program at Somersfield Academy, teaching children how to train dogs.
  • Provide a display at the Annual SPCA Expo following which we encourage children from the audience to socialize with the dogs.
  • Hold an Agility Run for Charity at the Annual Agricultural Exhibition. We have raised over $5,000 for charity.
  • Visit seniors homes with our dogs and participate in events for seniors throughout the year.